Appointments were prompt with no waiting and her teeth look great. Thank you for the great experience!

Jennifer Cain

Best staff of all our medical and dental providers. Keep doing what you’re doing and so excited for your new building and location!

Nancy Gehm

Austin said the only thing bad about getting his braces off is that he wouldn’t be coming to the orthodontist anymore…he said he liked it here because everyone was so nice.

David Schroeder

This has got to be the best staff around. Never once did Mikalyn not want to come to a visit. 

Tiffany Woods

Quality care. Communication along the way. Encouragement for the child. Positive results. Cost effective as well, for the quality of service received.

Sandi Nelson

This was the best experience. I could not think of another practice that I would want to take her to for braces. Keep doing what you are doing!

Traci Hippich

They did a great job keeping us informed of Alaina’s progress. They were easy to work with and schedule.

Angela Holmes

Staff was so friendly and I liked how they spoke directly to my son and helped him know the process and the importance of compliance.

Jess McLouth

The staff at the office is exceptional! You have developed a family-like atmosphere which is challenging to create as well as maintain. I am very pleased and impressed with your service.

Jim Barbera

Our kids enjoyed coming here. The set up in the office is fun, cheerful and friendly. We will recommend you all to anyone we know looking for an orthodontist – “Spoons” was recommended to us as well!
Rose Back

I was so pleased with how Dr. Spoonhower treated my daughter and myself. The staff is so helpful and happy. I could not be more pleased. I have recommended Dr. Spoonhower to others and will continue to do so.

Christine Uhl

Thank you for always being kind and making the experience pleasant for Ben. I would send anyone here. I will miss coming here.

Laurie Hardman

My son always felt comfortable at his appointments. The staff worked our appointments around our work and sports schedules. My son says this place is awesome!

Jan Pritchard

The staff was spectacular and the process was so easy. Being older I was really nervous, but this was a wonderful experience. Keep doing what you are doing. I tell everyone to come here.

Gina Gibson

Dr. Spoonhower said my son would need braces for a year and it ended up being 11 months! Everyone says hello and makes you feel welcome all the time. We always got in and out in a timely manner!

Kathy Micale

I received a referral here from a friend and will gladly refer Spoonhower Orthodontics to others!

Jamie Eberts

We love the staff! Everyone is very friendly and accommodating.

Cindy Holeman

Jenna really enjoyed coming here for her braces. Thank you for everything you did to make this a positive experience for Jenna!

Laura Lutz

Keep doing what you’re doing. The kids really like you guys here.

Eric Grossnickle

I am very happy with the care that my son received. He never complained about coming to an appointment.

Lisa LaRocca


The results are astounding. Keep up the great work! Love the extremely professional service in a comfortable atmosphere.

Shayna Newsome

Dr. Spoonhower and all the lovely ladies have always been very kind and patient even when Stephen’s brushing habits were less than stellar.

Susan Zittle

Thank you for making something, that could be an unpleasant experience, very relaxed and easy. Maybree actually looks forward to her appointments, which is a testimony within itself!

Steve Garrott

We initially chose Spoonhower Orthodontics for the convenience and reasonable cost, but since setting foot in the office years ago, I've found myself even more astounded at the exemplary staff and overall treatment of the patients and families. There has never been a time when my boys and I did not walk into the office and feel not only welcome but actually appreciated and wanted there. Dr. Spoonhower has thanked us for our business personally on more occasions than I can count, the front desk has always greeted us as if we were family and each of the dental assistants have made my boys feel comfortable and bring the same feeling of gratitude to us at visits. I have continued to recommend them to friends and family simply because I cannot fathom there is another orthodontic practice out there that operates with such genuine care toward their customers.

I continue to stand by my feelings that the practice is a model for providing services to patients. Not only in the area of orthodontics, but for anyone who is looking to earn the respect and loyalty from customers looking for treatment and care. I actually find myself somewhat sad that my boys are at the end of their treatment and we no longer will be popping in for those regular check-ups. I will continue to find each and every person who is looking for an orthodontist and recommend Dr. Spoonhower's office.

Michelle Hutcherson

Dr. Spoonhower and staff provided prompt service and were very friendly and caring. In addition, Dr. Spoonhower was very thorough and knowledgeable.

Erica Ali

This office has a very friendly staff. Overall – a job well done. Braces are expensive, but to straighten my son’s teeth and make his smile beautiful – it was worth it. Thank you!

Skyleen Appleman

There is not another orthodontic office that works with families like Dr. Spoonhower and his staff does. They have exceeded my expectations time and time again. My latest son’s teeth were a mess. He had teeth in the roof of his mouth. To be removing braces a little less than two years later and have them look perfect is amazing to me. I had no idea they could start the process so early and complete care so quick. I have been coming to Dr. Spoonhower and his practice back to back with three kids. The staff has always accommodated the kids’ fears and made suggestions to alleviate their pain. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for my kids. I would absolutely recommend them for their professionalism and care. Thank you!

Beth Berkheimer

The care, competency, cost, friendliness, ease and flexibility are all very much appreciated. Dr. Spoonhower obviously knows what he is doing. . . . and does it well. The office staff supports, encourages and makes everything run very smoothly and easily, while also being knowledgeable and compassionate. Everyone makes a great team! The girls will have a great smile to carry them through life. A smile is so important and opens the door to many opportunities. The smile, confidence and self-esteem will stay with them forever.

Camille Bivens

This is the friendliest office anywhere. Even as a parent you feel comfortable and relaxed while you are waiting on your kids in the waiting room. I am very pleased with my son’s experience. He enjoyed coming here and felt very comfortable with the entire staff. I have nothing but positive things to say – great staff, great doctor, great results.

Joe Bologa

The entire process was explained in detail from beginning to end – no surprises! Pricing was competitive with other offices, but process could not have been simpler. No hidden or added costs. I love the electronic reminders and newsletters. Thank you for an excellent experience!

Polly Dias

To see my daughter’s confidence grow during this process was priceless. She has also become more responsible taking better care of her teeth. The entire staff was so friendly. The process was smooth from start to finish – they always explained everything step-by-step to my child and answered all questions promptly. I have recommended several friends to this office – keep up the great work!

Janine Haydu

I have recommended many of my friends to come here. My son’s teeth look wonderful now that he has finished treatment. Everyone is so friendly and willing to accommodate our schedule. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Irish Kuwatch

I never dreamed my son’s teeth would straighten so quickly and his bite correction would look this good! It is a large investment, but you can’t put a price on his self-confidence and improvement in speech. This office is everything you want for your child going through orthodontia. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Abby Kuwatch

This is my second child here (obviously I was pleased with the outcome of the first). The staff couldn’t be friendlier and more accommodating. There are great incentives to get the kids excited about coming. We feel we are always welcome and part of the family. It’s nice to see your outreach to the community as well. I have absolutely recommended this office several times to friends. Keep it up because your office is very refreshing.

Jennifer Lenz

This is our third child in braces here, and they all turned out great. The kids are very happy with the results. Overall it’s been a very good experience.

Michael Martin

We just had our third son get braces here. All three have perfect smiles and teeth now! The entire staff is always friendly and accommodating. They are always professional and keep a clean environment. Keep up the good work!

Michelle McPeters

We have told many people of our experience here. It’s very clean, professional and accommodating. They are always on-time and quick and always willing to work with me on appointment times.

Kelly O’Neil

This is our second experience here and both have been positive regarding professionalism by all and being responsive to our needs. They are always kind and understanding (even when our schedule complicated things!). They are the best healthcare office we go to and are a great support to the patient and family.

Betty Marko

You guys have made us feel great every time my kids have come for their appointments. You are 110% better and friendlier than the other offices we have been to. Everything was explained before the procedure started and then completed just as you said it would. Keep up the good work – it’s been awesome coming here. Thumbs up!

Julio Palma

This office is much better than other medical and dental offices I’ve been to. Why? The staff introduce themselves by name, the front desk is helpful and doesn’t blow a fuse when an appointment has to be rescheduled, and the doc is very approachable and never in a hurry. I like the email reminders and website. This wasn’t cheap, but looking back at the big picture, the cost would barely buy a used car, and my smile is worth much more than that. I was always self-conscious about my overbite and spacing. I’m still amazed at how fantastic my smile looks. It’s a great experience to look into a mirror, smile, and love what I see. It was worth every penny.

Mark Slutz

The quality of service is one big reason for our recommendation of Spoonhower Orthodontics to our friends. They have exceeded our expectations in caring for our children. The staff is great, friendly and makes you feel good while you are visiting. The confidence that goes along with a better smile has no price – the expense was certainly worth it.

Daniel Smith

I always refer my friends here. I like that they always give back to the community. They have top-notch service, a clean and up-to-date office, a comfortable setting and a caring and professional staff. The office always explained all of the procedures so I could understand what was being done and what was coming next. They have great communication through e-mails and Facebook – I never feel out-of-the-loop between appointments. I have even become friends with some of the staff there and am sad that I won’t be seeing them as often. Love this place!

Amy Stephan

My expectations were certainly met with my care here. All the staff is super friendly and nice! The clear braces were very easy to get used to. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Erin Swartzwelder

I’ve always felt I’m a priority and have always been well informed during the entire process. It was worth it – It’s my kid! His oral health and well-being is important.

Michael Triplett

The drive to Dr. Spoonhower was a little further for me but worth it. The financing was easy. Having to schedule appointments and try to fit both of my boys in was always done without difficulty. My son has a beautiful smile as an outcome and he got his braces off sooner than I thought he would. Keep up the good work!

Holly Wierzbicki

They were always patient and caring with my daughter when she was apprehensive. She now has greater self-confidence with her new smile. It’s been a great experience so far.

Kathleen Witmer

There is no thinking about it at all - they outshine other offices! Friendly. Easy to make appointments. Caring. Knowledgeable. Not a single incident of rudeness or impatience on anyone’s part. Thank you!

Kathy Zehner

I am a firm believer that a healthy and attractive smile is a valuable asset when it comes to a teen’s self-confidence. I definitely think braces have been worth it. My son is thrilled with how quickly the process went. We really appreciate the friendly and encouraging atmosphere. He thrives when sincerely praised and your positive approach was just what he needed to motivate him. Thank you for a successful experience again.

Adrienne Zwart

The positive attitude of the staff is important to us - very friendly, yet professional. Two kids done, two more to go! Continue the good work.

Kevin Groen

This is a wonderful office and Dr. Spoonhower is a great orthodontist. I have only great things to say about this practice. Affordable, on-time, friendly, professional and they make each patient feel special. I love the games, reward card and fun challenges. Thank you for the beautiful smiles you gave my kids.

Julie James

Both of my sons came here for braces. They both play sports and it was a nice bonus to have mouth guards available. Appointments are quick with little wait time. I liked being called a few days in advance of an upcoming appointment. I also liked the fact that the staff came out and explained the day’s procedure.

Kathleen Miller

I’ve been to other orthodontic offices – this is by far friendlier, cleaner, more knowledgeable and professional than others. One thing that I’ve noticed is how they put the kids at ease – that’s important. For a beautiful mouth? C’mon – the quality of care is worth it.

Cheryl Morgan

This office is at the top of the list of all healthcare offices we visit. I can’t say enough about how nice it’s been to work with everyone here.

April Sharrock

This was a fabulous experience. We are very fortunate in Green to have high quality health care available. They are among the best. The staff is always accommodating – which is important with two working parents. Not once did they ever make me feel like I was asking dumb questions or being unreasonable. They called me at work as I requested. Also, Dr. Spoonhower’s support in the community goes far in my eyes. His generosity was part of our decision to come here.

Heather Barnes

We have been impressed with the efficiency, organization and care we’ve experienced here. The staff from top to bottom is friendly, courteous and professional. It is nice to see the little things done to make the patient’s experience positive. I have no doubt that anyone from any background or circumstance would receive the best possible care. They are all great.

Dave Heakin

We are very happy with our son’s results. Just an overall great doctor. Loved the staff. Anyone we talked to or dealt with was amazing! We love all the extras that are done for the patients. We are going to miss seeing the fall display of pumpkins. Thank you for all you have done for Matt!

Kelly Hoover

Dr. Spoonhower and his staff exceeded our expectations not once, but twice, with both of our daughters. He is always willing to listen to us and give us feedback. His follow up with the girls always meant a lot to all of us. The office was always willing to help us or make last minute appointment times to get us in for unexpected adjustments. They always made us feel welcome when we walked into the office. If you are going to make an investment, why wouldn’t you do it with a knowledgeable staff that are friendly and helpful? Keep up the good work. Don’t change a thing!

Colleen Noffert

There’s a different feel here. Dr. Spoonhower thoroughly explained the issues, the treatment, and the pro’s and con’s with us. He and his staff made the environment a pleasant and warm place to come. My son was never afraid to come to his appointments. Not all staff are “kid friendly”, but this staff is awesome. Keep up the good work.

Heather Oakes

They have done a great job explaining the process to us, the parents, and our daughter. They’ve managed to make something difficult into a positive experience. It’s a great atmosphere and very professional office. Keep up the good work!

Bethany Scheffler

They have provided confidence in my daughter’s smile. It’s a professional, fun and caring environment – everyone has been wonderful. The entire experience has been great. Thank you!

Chastity Duskey

It has been an excellent experience. The staff is very friendly and professional – my daughter feels very much at home here. This office has fantastic service – I feel like Dr. Spoonhower and his staff have become part of our family!

Loretta Aller

I loved the entire staff – always so friendly and helpful. I am also very pleased with the length of time and the level of customer service and the result of Matthew’s teeth.

Laurie Hollister

People notice a good smile – it adds confidence to whatever you’re wearing. We’re glad we chose this office to correct our kids’ smiles. Our family had twin daughters in braces at the same time and the attention to each child’s orthodontic needs was appreciated. I felt Dr. Spoonhower and his staff clearly explained what needed to be done with each visit and answered all our questions. The staff is the best! Alisha at the front desk is so friendly and very accommodating to the crazy schedules of our kids. The assistants were very nice, supportive and understanding. The office runs like a well-oiled machine – very little waiting! This is the best office we go to out of all our doctors.

Tricia Zivick

The staff was always friendly and informative. The timing was realistic and on-target.

Laura Bowman

Dr. Spoonhower is very competent and pleasant. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Coming to the appointments is always a pleasure. Continue to be awesome!

Rachel Espiritu

Dr. Spoonhower takes excellent care of his patients. He is very professional and friendly, but most of all, knowledgeable. Everyone is so friendly. I love it here.

Cordelia Harris

Visits were always quick and on time. Dr. gave a time frame for the braces and he was true to that. Thanks!

Stacy Miller

I felt like orthodontics was more for younger kids. They made the experience great for me and I wasn’t embarrassed to get it done. This was the best decision I made after 40! I’m so extremely happy – I should have done it sooner!

Tristan Nelson

I really liked that you talked to Emily each time, informing her on what was going on for the next time. She always felt good when she left with all her questions answered. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Debbie Oswald

I always had a great time here. Everyone is so friendly and just made me feel so comfortable. It’s nice hearing the staff joke around and chat with each other and Dr. Spoonhower. If they treat each other so nicely then you know they’ll do the same for their patients.

Maggie Taylor

This is a very professional office with friendly, helpful staff. Every step explained and a modern office with state-of-the-art equipment. Doc was wonderful to work with – even helpful when he was on vacation! It’s been a wonderful experience for both mom and daughter.

Delora Grim

We were always able to get appointments that worked around my daughter’s school and sports schedules. This is a great group of people working together who can balance work and fun! I always tell people how much I love your office.

Kim Guest

The atmosphere of the office is relaxed, encouraging, yet very efficient. The communication between Dr. Spoonhower/staff with my daughter and I was ongoing and complete. Her teeth look amazing and I know she will be happy with her teeth for the rest of her life.

Lindsay Bachman

They are a personal and friendly staff. I feel each child is treated so well and that really makes them feel at ease. I also love that they are very particular about the procedures they do and updating us about treatment progress.

Danielle Collinsworth

It’s been an exceptional experience. We’ve never been treated nicer. The treatment was efficient. We will tell everyone we know!

Jill Cook

I’ve never seen a frown in this office. I love the way Jordan’s smile looks and I can only say great things about this staff and doctor. He had a great experience and laughed and enjoyed everyone here.

Shawna Hopkins

Dr. Spoonhower is a very kind man and has an excellent staff. He provides great care and is really good with kids. My daughter never worried about coming to her appointments. She was very comfortable. Thank you for making my daughter’s smile beautiful! It has definitely helped her self-esteem.

Melanie Jones

I’m very happy with my teeth and the service at every appointment. I never had to wait in the lobby for more than 5 minutes the entire year-and-a-half! Everyone was very friendly and very prompt!

Tina Mattern

Keep up the friendly atmosphere. The entire staff was wonderful. It’s possible to be good at your craft, but not have good “bedside manners”. The experience is a whole lot better when you have the entire package. You guys have it. Thanks for everything!

Doug McGee

Dr. Spoonhower and his staff were always helpful and pleasant to work with. They were very friendly and made my family feel comfortable. They exceeded my expectations with how well-run the office is - my son never had to wait. The incentive programs were beneficial and fun to participate in.

Jennifer Nemet

We had been to another orthodontist with my first two children. My daughter lost her retainer and would not go back. Her teeth shifted and we came here to have her braces put on again. What a change from our other experience! We wouldn’t have thought about going anywhere else for our son. In fact, I want to come in for an evaluation for my own teeth. Keep up the great work!

Jodi Orihel

I was remembering back to when I had braces and hearing others who had braces. They were always having broken brackets fixed or wires coming loose. I was surprised when not once did that ever happen to Jay. I do think a lot of that has to do with the care here. There is absolutely nothing that should be changed! Keep up the good work! Thank you for taking such good care of my son’s teeth!

Lindsay Patsch

The staff is polite, supportive and caring. They are always positive and went above and beyond what was expected. Keep up the friendly environment, positive outlook and support!

Jan Pritchard

Doc and staff were always friendly, always met my needs and always helped with anything I needed. Nothing could have made my experience any better. It was a great one! They are just like family.

Michelle Smith

I loved the results and the experiences I had with my braces. Great vibes! This became a routine I looked forward to – I’m going to miss everyone!

Destiney Spragling

This practice does a nice job informing families about what to expect and followed through on the plan – no surprises. The experience is always warm and friendly, not clinical at all.

Frank Whanger

We are very pleased with everything here. Malori’s smile is amazing. All the staff has been wonderful – fun, friendly and professional. We enjoyed our visits here.

Laura Wike

We were always met with a smile and a hello which makes you feel welcome. I feel everyone is knowledgeable and provides the best care possible. Everyone works together as a team and gets along very well. We appreciate doing things for and with the kids to make the experience fun. I definitely do not recall having any fun at my orthodontist appointments!

Laurie November

I love coming to this office. It’s so kid friendly, the staff is wonderful and always happy and Daniel’s teeth are looking beautiful. My other children will be coming here when they need braces.

Kelly Chapman

We loved everything about our experience! Great staff, fun and efficient office, happy atmosphere and fun orthodontist!

Melissa Garfield

The set-up of the office is very warm to kids and family. Thank you. It’s a small thing, but having a tv to watch when getting the braces on was a selling piece that helped my son feel comfortable and less worried.

Jennifer Williams

It’s such a positive atmosphere. The staff is so friendly and professional! They genuinely care about their patients and their progress. Everyone is so good at what they do here.

Linda Reese

I was very impressed with the honesty of Dr. Spoonhower. This office has the kindest, most professional and courteous staff. I feel that Alex’s experience went very smoothly and that nowhere else would have done a better job. The quality is excellent!

Jennifer Prexta

Tessa looked forward to every appointment and will miss coming here every month.

Tanya Miracle

Dr. Spoonhower did not rush us into treatment. He monitored Cameron until the time was right to begin; reducing treatment time. Everything he did was personalized; no cookie cutter treatment here. They made what can be an awkward experience for a tween/teen very successful.

Mary Logar

The staff is wonderful. They were always so darn polite and nice and happy. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Susan Krosnick

Great doctor! Great staff! Great office! I’ve never had such a positive office experience. If you ever need a recommendation, call me!

Nancy Illitch

The staff is the best around! I always tell people that doc has the magic touch with his hiring procedures because they hire the kindest people in the area. I have recommended this practice to hundreds of people over the past several years.

Jenny Ganzer

They have this down pat and are all very impressive. Keep up the great work.

Jaclyn Darrah

It is comforting knowing when you come to an appointment that you will be greeted with smiles – like you are family. The minute you walk in the door to the minute you leave, it is truly an enjoyable time.

Darnelle Colant

Thank you so very much for all you have done. You are amazing people, and I can tell you all enjoy your jobs. I can tell that a lot of time goes into making this a great experience for everyone. There aren’t many places you can go where people are genuinely kind and caring. I am so glad that we were able to find somewhere where that is truly obvious!

Amber Carneal

It is a very clean environment with updated equipment. Everyone is so friendly and made the experience so much less scary for my daughter. She enjoyed coming here and almost didn’t want to get her braces off! . . . almost.

Chris Brown

My son has anxiety with dental procedures and they have always made him comfortable. The improvement with his teeth is wonderful! Thank you for everything!

Kristen Connors

This was an easy experience for us. The staff was always friendly and available to answer questions. We really felt like we received the best treatment and have recommended Spoonhower Orthodontics to family and friends.

Christine Adkins

Compared to the orthodontist with our older daughter this experience was more professional and reasonable in cost. We have and will continue to refer you to others. Thank you!

Jim and Ann Schlosser

Everyone truly cared about our needs. They are always approachable, always answered questions and always an enjoyable experience.

Melissa Rose

The staff was friendly and knowledgeable whenever we called, or were in the office. They even worked with us to come in on an off-day to handle any issue.

Connie Mazzagatti

The staff was so nice, helpful and knowledgeable. They explain everything, every step of the way to the child and the parent. I also love the rewards program for the kids. We love Spoonhower Orthodontics.

Jori Hogg

Love this office in all ways, shape and form. Everyone is just the best in character.

Mia Rohweder

I worked for a dentist for 13 years. I’ve met a lot of dental professionals and their staff and I am just so impressed with this office. Dr. Spoonhower is fabulous and very lucky to have such great employees!

Heather Cole

I appreciate how easy it has been to schedule appointments and how pleasant and efficient our visits have always been.

Barb Marinics

Spoonhower went above and beyond anything we could have imagined. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve got it right!

Nicole Thomas

Dr. Spoonhower seems to have a genuine sense of caring about his patients. My daughter is always surprised how he remembers her school activities. She thinks he has an amazing memory!

Yvonne Dale-Freeman

We had a great experience with Kayten’s braces. We love everyone here. We will miss seeing you guys, but am sure we will be back with our next one!

Melanie Ody

They’ve exceeded my expectations by always being welcoming and pleasant, flexible on changing or making appointments and finding fun ways of engaging with the community. Keep up the good work.

Deborah McNeil

We were nervous about the expense of treatment and you made it super easy for us to manage that aspect. The way you have the kids in charge of their care and make it fun for them to be responsible for their care is great. I think that this office is great – I have already referred friends here – I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you.

Kristie Sheeler

We have felt comfortable from our very first visit. Treatment was explained so that not only did we understand the process, but so did Emma. She has always been treated warm and kindly. Thank you for taking such great care of Emma!

Melissa Capozzi

Spoonhower Orthodontics definitely exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with the boys’ results, and the whole experience was very pleasant. Everyone is so friendly and professional. They really make you feel like family.

Mary Beth Jordan

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of my son’s teeth. His smile has been totally transformed. He is more confident and not afraid to show his teeth or smile big. We are very happy.

Brandy Lovett

I didn’t think my teeth could be straight and you did it! Great job!

Dijana Delibegovic

I seriously have never experienced a doctor’s office of any kind where the entire staff is so happy and always willing to go above and beyond!

Janese Tupta

Great service, caring staff, everyone is so very kind. You are an amazing team.

Angie Eaton

We have never had to wait beyond our appointment time. I have been pleased with everything. Thanks!

Kelly Vanscoy

Dr. Spoonhower always made Cooper feel comfortable. The staff made every visit easy. This has been a great experience.

Kandice Smith

My daughter has had a great experience and loved coming in. She’s even getting them off sooner than expected!

Melanie Barnes

I am so glad I choose to bring my kids here! I truly feel that Doc is really the only one who could deal with the challenges my daughter’s treatment required. Thank you all for always going the extra mile!

Tracee Ward

Thank you! We will have had 3 kids through this office once we are all done. It has been a pleasant and smooth experience.

Tera Rockich

Thank you to Dr. Spoonhower and the entire staff for giving us a great ortho experience! We are so happy with the outcome! We have enjoyed getting to know Dr. Spoonhower and would recommend him to all of our friends!

Shannon Miller

We had a great experience with her appointments. Staff was very knowledgeable and did a wonderful job explaining things and making sure we understood everything! Keep doing what you are doing!

Dena Zelenko

One of the best staff ever at a doctor’s office. We would recommend this dental office to anyone we know that needs braces.

Jennifer Kovachick

Spoonhower Orthodontics is top-notch. Even though it is a business, they make you feel like you’re part of a family.

Kevin Higgins

Spoonhower Orthodontics

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